Every business starts with an idea. Our business starts with passion. We share and live this passion with our customers – every day and any day. It is a great thing for us that we can do things in our job which have always been part of our professional and private life: classical oldtimer, sportive youngtimer, and, of course, newtimer, too. We as a firm offer the full range of our service activities; therefore you always will be in good hands with us. Our network ensures that all services arround your car are covered and dealt with.

We are specialized in the import of automobiles for people who have a special relation to their automobile and who appreciate beaty and collector`s value at the same time. We manage everything for you from the urchase and the shipping to the licensing. Buy the way, especially classical automobiles are far more than mere means of travelling on a sunny weekend - they represent a way of life and offer perfect possibilities of return on capital. Yes, you can make a profit with our passion!

Therefore, when purchasing cars, we focus especially o increase in value. If you are interesed in a special car or just want to take a look at our fleet of cars, just give us a call. We will love it to make a individuell date with you – also at weekend – and show you our cars. In case you take the train ort he plane, we will pick you up, of course – perhaps even in the car of your dreams! We are looking forward to your visit!