Hasn`t it allways been your dream to drive a Ford Mustang from the Sixties? Perhaps your dream didn`t know how to cope with all the laborious details of such a complex activity? You might have felt you wouldn`t know where to find your deam car; or you had no idea how to get it to Germany safety; and isn`t it just too diffucult to get German licensing? Ort his, that and the next problem might have cropped up in your mind...

Just think – if we are your business partner things will become simple and easy. You just look at our present range of immediately availible cars. In case the car of your dreams is not already on stock you just send a mail giving us a mail giving us the details of the kind of car you aim to prossess, or you just call us, and we will immediately look for the car you want.

Our CARRANGE branch in Californien has exellent contacts to the biggest auctions, car dealers and may private customers. As soon as we have found the car that corresponds to your wishes, we will contact you and discuss all further with you.

A Short Instroduction into importing Cars

Advising You:
Conserdering the wide range of equipment American cars can offer, you can easily lose track of things; you might drown in a sea of detail – of what the American market has to offer. Therefore we will invest a lot of time in advance you how to cope with the rich facets of what kind of details you might to be looking for a should take notice of. After all, one dosn`t really want to make a comprimise concerning one`s dream car.

Car Purchase and inspectting the car you are going to buy:
Of course, the American market offers a diversity of possibilities of purchasing a car. Apart from the traditional ways of private purchase or buying an automobile from an authorized car dealer – Auctions – often offer very good opportunities to find the car you desire. Of course you needn`t do this yourself. Represented by car dealers connected with our firm in Californien we regulary attend the most important auctions. In case you want to fly to the USA and choose your car yourself, combining “car shopping“ with nice holidays in the land of the American Dreams we will support you by taking care of the completion of your deal. Or perhaps you are interested in a new car? We will order it if you and take care of all the laborious detals. New cars from the USA, after their arraival in Germany, will have to be imported with value-added tax and they will be dilivered to ur customers ready for licensing. If you request a garantee of 12 oder 24 month in additin, we will provide it.

We will transport your car to the right port in the US and it will be shipped to Europe by our logistics partners. This can be done according to personal preferences – by using a container ort he ROLL-ON ROLL-OFF system. From the German port of destination it will be delivered directly at your doorstep - if that is your wish.

In general, there is a duty of 10 per cent and a value added tax of 19 per cent to be paid fort he import of cars from the US. But fortunately you won`t have to fight with authirities and paperwork – we will do that for you, too.

As soon as the autombile has aarived here, we will immediately take all measures necessary to resieve - for example in the case of an oldtimer – the coveted H-registration number. This is certifed by a report according to §21 by an officially authorized expert. You will be spared this last effort, too.

After having delivered the car of your choice to your doorstep, we will also support you in word and deed at any time – no matter if wes hall assist you with servicing your car or provide you with spare parts from the US. We are very muc interesed in having long-term connections with our customers, for we know that only customers who are satisfied with our service will recommend us to their friends or in their circle of acquaintances.